Client Management System

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Quick Overview

This multipurpose client management software and can be used as

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Client Management Software

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Billing Software

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Online Help Desk Software

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Client Communication Software

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Create Knowledge Bank for Clients



This is an online client management system to manage clients all over the world. This cms software can be linked to your existing website and allow to provide login id and password to each customer. This client management software also comes with online help desk system for support purpose. You can create unlimited customers / clients using this software and manage their bills, knowledgebase section and profiles.

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Client Management System Features

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Give all clients a username and password on the portal

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Allow clients to communicate with dedicated help desk employees

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Create multiple help desk users when there are more clients

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Generate Bills for individual clients (Standard Format)

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Clients can print bills

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Allow clients to upload documents

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Provide important contact numbers to clients

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Share documents on individual and All Clients bases

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Easy to create a knowledge bank for clients

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Additional Features of CMS

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Create unlimited Clients

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Create unlimited help desk users

Benefits of using Client Management System

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Clients will be connected to a support system that is active 24 hours a day

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Get all clients in one system instead of multiple data sources

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] This application can be directly linked to your company’s website

Who should buy this application?

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Companies / Individuals working in service industry.

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Companies / Individual with client base in global locations.

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Where company requires creating multiple help desk users.

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Buy if your clients need instant support.

Product / Service / Features included in the Package

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] One Year Hosting Package (1 GB Hosting – View Plan Details)

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Free Application Installation on Server

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] One Year Free Technical Support

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Free User / Instruction Manual

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Delivered in 48 Business Hours

After Sales Service by Softrock

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Dedicated Web Based Client Support System available for 24 hours support

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Email Support System

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