Basic Website Plan

Basic Website Plan 3 Pages

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Quick Overview

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Low budget website plan

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Website delivered in just 3-5 business days.

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Corporate Mail ID

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] One Year Free Hosting



Basic website plan 3 Pages is a low budget website plan suitable for small business who just wants to make business online by making a website. This is a method of creating web presence at lowest cost and easy way to connect business with the world.

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Basic Website Plan 3 Pages Includes

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] 3 Pages Website

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] 1 Year free technical support

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] 1 Email Id (Corporate ID – Example:

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] 500 MB space on server

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Domain cost included

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Product / Service Catalog

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Delivery Time – 3-5 Business Days

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Annual Website Renewal

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] INR: 1500 / year

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Applicable after completion of one year from the date of placing order.

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Complete flexibility is available to choose from any of the hosting plan available

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Website Delivery process

Step 1 Place order online and make payment.

Step 2 Reply to a simple information email and coordinate with our team.

Step 3 Tell us about your business / profession / work profile and desired domain

Step 4 Get the website delivered in 5 business days

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After Sales Service

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Dedicated Web Based Client Support System available for 24 hours support

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Email Support System

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Dedicated Phone Support

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