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Quick Overview

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Web Based Asset Manager

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Smart Phone Ready Software

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Unlimited Users

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Free Support

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Hosting Included

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Free Training

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Delivered in 5 Business Days

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Asset Management Software, Asset management system is web based application to manage assets issued to employees. The software or application for keeping record of all assets and manage products issued to employees. These many include company paid mobile phones, laptops and other related products. This software comes with easy user interface and mobile friendly design making it a very useful application and multiple locations and multiple device usability option.

Asset Management Software Demo

This demo will help you see step by step process from adding creating an asset to adding a user in the system. Click on the demo link use login id and password mentioned here to check how it works.

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User username & password as –

Asset Management Software Features

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Easy to use Interface

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Smart Phone Ready Design

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Unique Login Id for Each User

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Complete Product Catalog Management

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Asset Lost & Damage Update

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Asset Return & Re Issue

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Easy to Separate between Returnable & Non Returnable Assets

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Multiple Platform Compatibility (Mobile, Laptop, Desktop and Tablet)

Included in the Package

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Free Hosting with 2 GB Space

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] Technical Support Included

Annual Renewal & Billing

[icon icon=”check-square-o”] 4999 / Year – (Hosting Services + Technical Support + Software Updates)

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If your company issues assets to employees then this software will be useful. As the first step this software collects all the asset related data that many include, mobile phones, transport vehicles, stationary items etc and then ask employees to place a request to order them. There are categories for these items returnable and non returnable items. Asset Management Software is very easy to use in day to day based and works on multiple devices including desktop computers, laptops and tablet computers. Since the software works on internet, it gives complete flexibility to use it from any location. Your employees may be anywhere and can use this software without any hassle.


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