Annual Website maintenance or AMC is as important as developing a good website. It is like buying a car and then going for a regular service to make sure that all the parts are working fine with assurance of fault free improved performance. We at Softrock work for you as website mechanic to ensure good performance of your website in internet space.

Website maintenance plan includes many services from the basic website troubleshooting to advance technical support required for website. Some of the services covered in website maintenance package are listed below.

Regular test on the website to assure all the links are working fine.

Placing dummy orders in case of e commerce website.

Regular site backup to avoid any data loss due to server failure.

All type of technical assistance and trouble shooting.

Technological upgrades if required.

Bug fixing and troubleshooting.

Weekly or monthly regular website reports as per contract.

Regular website upgrade including text content and images.

Monthly website audits.

Website maintenance plans are different for different clients as per their requirement.

Send a request for a customize quotation.




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